ChoonMLLib - class library to access and convert ChoonML files

Section Members

Section overview

Public Instance Constructors

Section Constructor Construct, given the index into SectionCollection where this will appear.

Public Instance Properties

EndPosition The end position (in global units) of the section. Note that this should actually be the sample *after* the last one in the section. Sections should not overlap. EndPosition and Length are kept in sync. StartPositionneeds to be updated first for this to work.
Index The index of this section in SectionCollection. Read-only.
Length The length (in global units) of the section. EndPosition and Length are kept in sync.
Loop The number of loops to play this section for. (If zero, do not loop)
Mute If true, mute the section (replace with silence)
Name The name of the section. Must be unique.
Skip If true, skip the section (go immediately to next)
StartPosition The start position (in global units) of the section

Public Instance Methods

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Protected Instance Methods

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