ChoonMLLib - class library to access and convert ChoonML files

Choon.Extract Method 

[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

This extracts the specified sample to the named file. This is used when converting to a format that uses separate WAV files.

If the choonML file is "detached", the existing WAV file is copied (if a new folder or name is specified) or left in place.

If inline, the WAV data is extracted into the named file.

public void Extract(
   Sample sample,
   string extFileName


The sample to extract. Must be from the Samples collection.

The filename. This can be a relative or rooted path.

(Note that code to fully sort this out hasn't been implemented and if the extFileName and sample.ExtFile reference the same file and aren't textualy the same a problem will occur.)


Exception TypeCondition
ChoonMLExceptionThrown with error 101 for a mismatched UUID on the sample, or 102 if not enough bytes have been read from the sample. Both indicate a corrupt/incorrect CHML file is being read.

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