ChoonML - Music Markup Format

ChoonML is a new (October 2006) format for remixable music files. It provides an open alternative to closed formats such as Umixit and U-Myx. With a ChoonML file, you will be able to create remixes and re-edits using your favourite music creation software.

A toolkit and schema are now available for download.


SourceForge Project page
The Concrete Mixer blog
ChoonML News


The "Muso" package - ChoonML toolkit binary distribution
The "Geek" package - ChoonML toolkit source distribution
The latest spec 
The ChoonML Schema (ChoonML.xsd)


The chconv user manual
The ChoonMLLib user manual
The ChoonMLLib reference documentation

About ChoomML

For remixers

Using ChoonML you get a single file that can be converted and opened in your choice of music editing / creation software.

After that, you can remix, re-sequence, add your own original parts, create mashups - there are no limits to the possibilities. You can then save your re-mix as either a conventional mix (MP3, WAV, CD format) or generate a new ChoonML file that others can work with (subject to copyright!).

The ChoonML toolkit allows ChoonML files to be converted into Adobe Audition (.ses) format for editing. Other conversion formats are in progress.

For music creators

ChoonML allows you to issue remixable versions of your music in an open royalty-free format.

You can enable producers and remixers to produce new versions. By making a ChoonML release you aren't giving away copyright - you can add whatever copyright statement you wish to the ChoonML file. You can bundle ChoonML versions of your music onto a CD or DVD, sell them as premium content over the web or upload them on MySpace as promos - the choice is yours!

If you have your master available in Adobe Audition (.ses) format, you can use the ChoonML toolkit to convert it into a ChoonML file.

For music software developers

ChoonML is both an alternative and a complement to proprietary formats. You can integrate ChoonML support into your application allowing users to both remix and create ChoonML files. This opens up a new market to producers and DJs - including those who've started with format's like U-Myx and are now ready to move onto a more complete music production package.

The ChoonML toolkit is provided as an open source class library enabling support for ChoonML to be integrated into any music software application.